What happens when you cross a pen with a car?


The novelty section of the toy shop - rather than the Conran shop, 100% design, or other such self procliamed designer havens - is the bleeding edge of contemporary design. It's here, in the pocketmoney marketplace, that a car has seemingly swallowed a pen - or perhaps its the other way around. It is a little like a cartoon python whose body has stretched tight around whatever or whoever he has eaten, forming a whatever-or-whoever shaped lump. In the pen car though, there are certain adjacencies or qualities whose similarities are soley formal: The length of a pen, and the length of a dragster; A spoiler at the back of a car designed to stop the car taking off and the clip at the top of a pen designed to hold it in a jacket pocket; the pointed aerodynamic front of the vehicle and the tip of a caligraphic instrument. Even the curves of the cars bonnet seem to align with the ergonomics of gripping the pen. The Penracer shows . "What happens when you cross a pen with a car?" isn't the set up to a one liner, it's a delicate and subtle flipping between form and function

Posted by sam at January 2, 2006 10:43 AM


What you get is a art car by the Pen Guy called the Mercedes Pens covered in over 5000 pens and counting:)

Posted by:
costas on May 14, 2007 11:07 PM

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