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Marshall McLuhan explored the relationship of the body to global communication describing television as an extension of the optic nerve, radio an extension of your ear and so on. Electricity, he claimed, extended our central nervous system.

Now however, we are sometimes more nervous of our bodies proximity to the apparatus of the global village. Fear of electromagnetic waves is now part of our fear of the invisible which include free radical particles, UV rays, nuclear radiation, superbugs and homegrown terrorists.

Skin is often cast as the battleground between the 'natural' body and the unnatural and de-natured environment of contemporary life.

With the clarity and persuasive power that that only scientific diagrams drawn by cosmetics companies possess however, those who fear the radio spectrum can find safe harbour with Clarins new E3p Screen Mist.

'If electromagnetic waves can penetrate walls, imagine what they can do to your skin!', reads the in-no-way-hysterical line for the product . 'Ramp up your skin care regimen with E3p Screen Mist, a new health and beauty treatment that helps protect your skin from all types of known pollutants, including electromagnetic waves. This mist acts as a shield, coating it with an imperceptible and invigorating film.'

More from Clarins' marketing material, which is hard to edit down, so I'll give it to you in full:

'A worldwide first in skin protection.
An ultra-sheer screen mist containing a pioneering combination of plant extracts capable of protecting the skin from the accelerated-ageing effects of all indoor and outdoor air pollution but most significantly, the effects of Artificial Electromagnetic Waves. A brand new protective step in skin care - not just for Clarins but for the industry worldwide - which is suitable for all skin types, for men as well as women.

Beauty Benefits :
- Magnetic Defence Complex protects skin from the ageing effects of Artificial Electromagnetic Waves.
- Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex of White Tea and Succory Dock-Cress protects skin from indoor and outdoor urban pollution.
- Creates an imperceptible physical film on the skin to reinforce the skin's own natural protective barrier.

Ingredients :
Magnetic Defense Complex (Rhodiola Rosea + Thermus Thermophillus) - Reinforces skin's resistance to the harmful effects of Artificial Electromagnetic Waves.

Anti-Pollution Complex (White Tea + Succory Dock-Cress + Glycofilm) - Protects against free radicals the harmful effects of urban pollution and reduces the skin's own natural protective barrier.

Method of Use :
You can spritz it over bare skin, over moisturiser and make-up, at any time and as often as you like. But if you're going to apply it just once in the day, make it first thing. Remember Artificial Electromagnetic Waves are present 24 hours a day and effect men's skin as well as women's!'

Posted by sam at January 18, 2007 11:27 AM


It's both imperceptible and invigorating! The question is then, can you feel that invigoration, or do you just _know_?

Posted by:
DC1974 on January 18, 2007 6:39 PM

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