In the Gallery of Ice Creams


If your French is as ropey as mine, you too might get confused. The "Gallery Des Glaces" at Versailles should translate as the "Hall of Mirrors". But it comes out as the "Gallery of Ice Creams" if you are hazy with your accents.

Which I am. Other bad habits involve fixating on the cheap and expedient at the expense of the significant and sincere, and a general attraction to snack and/or fast food.

I made this image for 'the worlds largest' Petcha Kucha at Sadlers Wells a few weeks ago. It is the garden of Versailles re-imagined with a snack-sculpture theme. Instead of Neptune, Saturn or other classical narratives, here the landscape becomes a monument to the gloopy, hyper-processed stuff of industrialised food production.

The image acted as a segway between a previous talk - remarking upon the public art of snack sculptures - and a short exploration of the dialogue between formlessness and form underwriting the strange world of sweets, candy and other kinds of low-end confectionary.

Below some choice examples: note the marshmallow burger and sour fries as particularly fine specimens displaying characteristics of hyper-real modelling, surreal shifts in material, unlikely high-art references and sheer unappetising ingenuity.





Posted by sam at July 16, 2006 9:18 PM

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