Football Pitch: Best of British


The Times are doing a round up of the best of British Design. My nomination is the Football Pitch. This is what I said:

"The design of the football pitch is elegantly simple. A giant sized
graphic that distils footballs origin as a village vs. village free for
all, played over a landscape of fields, rivers, hedges, houses into a
minimalist arrangement of rectangles, circles and dots. Amazingly - all
designed by committee, without any designers." I could go on. In fact, if any of you were to commission a 25 part documentary on football pitches, I'd probably tell you that it would be too hard to squeeze that subject into such a timeframe.

If you want more on football and design click here

Below are some images showing the development of pitch markings from 1863 (when the English FA formed) up to 1902.
pitch1863.gif pitch1891.gifpitch1902.gif

The only other change was made in 1937 - the penalty arc. more here

Posted by sam at November 28, 2005 8:34 PM

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