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Artist Jeremy Deller (Turner Prize winner 2004) and the Bat House Partnership are pleased to announce the launch of the website for the Bat House Project - a collaborative initiative to design and build a Bat House for London at the WWT London Wetland Centre in Barnes.

This quote from Jeremy Deller on the background to the project: "In Texas some bat lovers have excavated caves and built towers on their land to encourage bat settlement. I'm interested in initiating a project suitable for bats in London. The partners mentioned below have joined me to launch an open competition to design a bat house to give much-needed year-round habitat to bats in Southwest London. There is great pressure on bat numbers in London as buildings get redeveloped and home improvements leave little space for bats to live in. In this structure the bats are our client and we hope to accomodate different species that have different housing needs, the raising of a family, hibernation etc."

Users are invited to take part in monthly Design Challenges and to upload ideas and images, information about bats and case studies of bats in buildings. The deadline of the first Design Challenge is on Monday 29 January - anyone can participate for free and send drawings, texts or images on what it must be like to be a bat in London.

A national design competition will be launched in 2007 to select the final design for the Bat House, which will be built at the WWT London Wetland Centre in Barnes.

The competition will be open to artists, architects, ecologists, the wider public, students and schoolchildren. It will be accompanied by a publication, an exhibition and a limited edition of artwork by Jeremy Deller. The Bat House will be a building of aesthetic and environmental excellence, built with sustainable materials, that offers homes to bats and an educational visitor attraction for people.

The Bat House Partnership hopes the competition will highlight the need for architects, builders, home-owners and conservationists to work together to produce wildlife-friendly building design - and provide real solutions. It aims to connect the worlds of art and ecology and encourage public engagement with ecology issues. The project builds on the Mayor of London's policies to raise awareness of urban biodiversity and to support the survival of London's ten bat species.

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