1.51 Miles Of String

Some shots of the installtion of a FAT project currently on show at Selfridges in London, titled '1.51 Miles Of String'





string big last.jpg

This is not a shop, or rather it's not quite a shop. It reworks Marcel Duchamps 'Mile of String' exhibition design for the 1942 'First Papers of Surrealism' exhibition in New York.

Here, the length of string is determined by the distance between Selfridges and the V&A, respectively the Museum and partner for the Surrealism and the Object exhibition. This as-the-crow-flies measurement has been threaded around the space to create a web like installation. The 1.51 miles have been tangled, hooped and slung to form a very different kind of space, a grotto of geography.

There are more images over at >> Dezeen <<

Posted by sam at March 30, 2007 1:32 AM

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