Place Faking: Instant Heritage for the Thames Gateway


To the Building Centre, where Finn Williams has a show on called "Place Faking: Instant Heritage for the Thames Gateway". And if you do get down there, be sure to pick up one of the 'heritage brown' booklets, featuring a discussion between myself and Finn as well as contributions from Peter Murray, English Heritage and others.


"New development in the Thames Gateway sees heritage as a way of maintaining continuity with a place's past. But where the demands of alien scales of development are irreconcilable with historical conditions, can that sense of continuity be fabricated?

At Barking Riverside, a former landfill, any traces of archaeology that might have existed have already been erased. Yet 11,000 homes are planned for the site in the next 20 years. Finn Williams proposes an alternative masterplan for Barking Riverside commemorating a fictional, improved version of suburbia; a large white lie as a better precedent for future development."

Here is a YouTube version of the projects fake historical documentary

It runs until the 26th Sept. (the show, not the video, of course)

Posted by sam at September 18, 2007 9:57 PM

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