Dogs: Britains Greatest Design Obsession


Crufts 2008 has just concluded. Though it calls itself a dog show is actually a design contest in disguise. Dogs are perhaps Britains most sophisticated design product. Just look at some of the contenders for Crufts 'Best in Show' to see the incredible result of hundreds of years of breeding, of genetic manipulations over generations made to improve in aesthetics or performance, driven by the aristocracies obsessions with blood lines, landscape, hunting and animals. British art and design can but dream of this kind of sophistication. The likes of Ive, Hirst and Foster would struggle to turn out this kind of sleek perfection that we see in glistening black eyes set within fountains of soft white hair. These are sickeningly, frighteningly beautiful things, like mutations of pornography, confectionary, and cartoon mascots. Here are some of this years winners. For a review of last years Crufts: clicky

c20081.jpg c20082.jpg c20083.jpg c20084.jpg c20085.jpg c20086.jpg c20087.jpg c20088.jpg c20089.jpg

Posted by sam at March 11, 2008 1:08 AM

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