A Wishing Well with a Fat Up Pipe


Phone Boxes, quite understandably, are facing an uncertain future as this BBC story explains. It reminded me that a good few years ago, I'd made a quick project for Time magazine about this very issue. If we're all walking around with mobile phones, then is there anything more useful we could do with these points where we have both power and data connections? Since then, some London phoneboxes have been converted into ATMs or information screens. Useful for sure, but not very exciting. This sketch shows a few ideas which try to imagine a different kind of response to tha available technology. A digital wishing well, a signpost that responds to an individuals desires, and an electric tree - which if I remember righly was a kind of local notice board crossed with a mythical tree sprite. Of course, they are all takes on David Greenes classic Archigram projects, Log and RokPlug.

Posted by sam at January 31, 2008 1:19 AM

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